Bloggers and citizen journalists descend on Denver to Amplify School Choice

School choice is much more than a policy issue or a political football. For millions of students and their families, it’s a gateway to a better future. This was abundantly clear at the Amplify School Choice Conference, hosted by the Franklin Center earlier this month.  Over 50 bloggers and citizen journalists joined us in Denver to learn from the city’s success with school choice and to take those ideas back to their communities across the country. “I have a long list of potential topics for investigation and reporting thanks to the information presented at the conference,” said Tom Balek, who blogs at Rockin’ on the Right Side. “The conference also helped to shape my advocacy.” On day one of the conference, attendees heard from a variety of speakers including Pamela Benigno and Ross Izard of the Independence Institute and political figures like State Rep. Angela Williams and State Sen. Kevin Lundberg. In the afternoon, they were treated to informative talks from Ben Scafidi, a leading school choice economist with EdChoice and Kennesaw State University, and Tim Keller, one of America’s foremost school choice litigators with the Institute for Justice. “The selection of speakers was great,” said Jim Shaw of Third Base Politics in Ohio.   That evening at the Amplify School Choice Gala, Franklin Center’s president Nicole Neily addressed the audience, and EdChoice president Robert Enlow gave the keynote address. The informative lectures and panel discussions gave everyone in attendance…

School Choice Week - 2016

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