End the Hostage Taking of Government Schools in California

Stephen Frank:

On the ballot in dozens of cities on November 8 are bond measures to finance the construction of new schools and the maintenance of old ones.  Many districts, Like the Los Angeles Unified School District, Simi Valley Unified School District and the San Francisco Unified School District have declining enrollment—all for several years in a row and into the future.  That does not stop government schools to beg for more bond money to finance fewer students and higher pension payments.  Statewide according to the LA Times the average California district pays 19% for pensions and benefits.

LAUSD pays 27% of it budget to pensions and benefits.  Does not leave a lot for real education—if you called teaching a dumbed down curriculum called Common Core quality education.  Graduation rates in California schools are created not earned.  LAUSD paid $15 million last year, and doing so again this year, to create online classes that are not audited, so another 20% of the students can get a worthless piece of paper called a “diploma”.

LAUSD is a great example of students fleeing the district.  At one point there were 700,000 students in the district.  Today there are 500,000 in regular government schools and 107,000 in charter schools.  There are also another 42,000 students on a waiting list to get into a charter school—but the district is holding these students hostage by not allowing more charter schools to be opened.  It should be noted that in LAUSD almost no charter school teachers are members of a union.  They get to keep the money they earn—and none of the money they earn re given to unions to spend on politicians.

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