First-ever charter school teacher strike averted hours before pickets set up

Fran Eaton:

Shortly before pickets were set up Wednesday morning, the United Educators of UNO (UEU) announced at 3 AM they had come to an agreement with Chicago’s UNO Charter School Network (UCSN) management, averting the nation’s first charter school teacher strike.

The teachers issued a statement lining out agreement specifics. In order to stop the strike and commence with school Wednesday, the USCN management agreed to continue to provide a 7% pension pickup for current union employees. New hires will receive a 7% pay increase for FY18 to base salary with zero pension pickup by the employer, similar to terms the CTU recently agreed to with Chicago’s public school system. The system will shorten its school year to 183 days.

The parties also agreed to a joint committee to make recommendations as to economic conditions based on funding shortfalls for the publicly funded school network — an important point for the union, which, they say, has “struggled to receive clear and comprehensive financial information from management.”

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