Rocketship trying to land in treacherous “No Fly Zone” territory in Concord

Richard Eber:

Last September just prior to a neighborhood meeting in Concord where Rocketship Charter School was conducting an informal get together with residents to test the waters for them placing a campus in this locale, a large contingent from the California Teachers Association (CTA) made their presence known.

Clad in yellow tee-shirts with the words “No Rocketship” prominently displayed, the protestors after a small confrontation at the church soon dispersed. For the CTA people this was not their first rodeo demonstrating their displeasure with Rocketship. On at least three other occasions the, union conducted similar displays against the charter school organization.

In addition to these protests, the union and the Mount Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) has used all available legal resources and political pressure to keep Rocketship and other charter schools out of their community during the last five years.

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