School Choice Crosses Party Lines And Forms One Giant Tent

Sarah Lee:

This year has been polarizing in a most disturbing way politically. Good conservatives have been told they are progressives because they cannot find it in their moral fiber to support Donald Trump. Democrats had a similar problem trying to move from their preferred candidate Bernie Sanders to the — if the headlines are to be believed — almost inconceivably corrupt Hillary Clinton. On some matters, the polarization arguably carries a lot of weight.

But there are some issues, even in this most contentious of election cycles, that have the ability to cut through party lines and burn down big tents. Chris Gibbons, CEO and Founder of Charter School network STRIVE Preparatory Schools in Denver is the first to attest to this having witnessed it firsthand.

“We’re in the business of trying to run great schools and we do not see that as a partisan issue. We’re in it for the success of our kids, the success of community development over time,” he says about Denver’s somewhat provocative choice to embrace school choice.

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