The case for options

Kristoffer Adams:

Options are vital and we should not neglect that fact. How would you feel if you went to a store and you didn’t have any extra options you only had one choice that cost you a premium. To make sure you get the point you literally have one choice and there are no available alternatives. This would be completely unacceptable to the majority of people. That is the exact issue most parents have in their neighborhoods.

We really need to consider the parents in this equation. If they desire to increase positive outcomes for their kids school choice is sometimes the only way they can achieve that goal. The NAACP’s moratorium against Charter Schools  seeks to cut out options that the majority of parents want. We recognize that not all charter schools are perfect we also know that traditional schools aren’t either.  The beneficial thing is if a charter school is not serving their population, they can in most cases lose funding and go away. Most public schools don’t go through the same amount of accountability. I see that frequently in the area I currently live in.

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