The Real Value of Education

Sarah Marie Arnold:

“If you don’t have a college degree, you won’t amount to anything in life.”

“Good thing you’re a stay-at-home mom since you don’t have a degree.”

“Wow, your background and experience is so impressive!  Where did you go to college?  What’s that, you didn’t?  Oh.”

“How do you expect to homeschool your kids without a college degree?”

I could go on.  It seems today that the point of education, the ultimate value people place in it, resides in a little piece of over-priced paper.  Even the conservatives who decry the college and university system and its obvious indoctrination of generation after generation into authoritarian and socialist “values” discount you, your experience, and your value if you choose to not spend four (or more) years post-high school getting indoctrinated.

What?  Is that really what we’ve come to—vesting the ultimate value of education in a piece of paper, one that puts kids into significant debt and generally offers no real value to their ability to work (underwater basket weaving, anyone? gender studies? new age mysticism?)?  Do we really trust these entities to churn out responsible, reliable, good citizens after 12 years in failing public schools?  Or worse—trust them to not undo 12 years of good work in other school options?

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