Why School Choice is critical to Texas

Sonja Harris:

Many of us take education for granted.  After all, there are plenty of public schools in Texas, right?  Unfortunately, some schools in Texas are failing or are underperforming.    And because some of us were privileged to attend an alternate or private school doesn’t mean that everyone can afford to attend a private school.   Parents should have the freedom of choice to help their children achieve the American Dream.   The American Dream after all is for all Americans, not just a few.

Education is going to be one of the most important issues Texans face in the next few years.  Think about this, without education where will we find our next generation of teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, accountants, pharmacists, computer analysts and business men/women?  How about the future of technology in Texas? Where will the hospitals and nursing homes find qualified staff to manage these facilities?

According to Forbes.com as of October, 2015, Texas is an economic leader.  But Texas also has a dark side, education.

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